New LLD website launch!

The moment so many people have been waiting for has finally arrived!  ;)

Leading Light Designs all new website hosted by SquareSpace.

ive been working on this now for about a month on and off and im pretty pleased with the new site, especially since SquareSpace basically does all the hard stuff so its just a simple drag n drop interface (i can use!!  yaayy).

The problem with the old site was that it was well....... 1. a bit out dated, but more importantly 2. it was a total mission to update - hence the extremely low frequency of updates ove those years... ahem, sorry  ;)  *blush*

anyway the new site is revamped, has loads of new content and will be regularly updated with new juicy art eye candy on a regular basis.

*and theres a ton of work waiting in the wings for upload once those projects get released.


please feel free to mail me with any issues with the site - broken links, missing images etc and ill get them fixed

cheers  and enjoy........ and please tell your friends, bosses and James Cameron  ;)  xx