New Leading Light website - New Blog - First post

Ok here we go.

with 20+ years as an artist working in the entertainment business i kind of guess its time to start a blog :) yeh it seems im a bit late to the Blog party but thats no reason not to do it huh?

ok so to kick-off here im going to post 3 illustrations ive made over the last couple of weeks.

They illustrate HP Lovecrafts 1920 short story 'From Beyond'.

heres a link to the story;

...... hope you like these :)

the story is awesome and at 5 pages you'd be crazy not to read it  :)

heres a link to the 'From Beyond' episode of HPPodcraft - the literary podcast by Chad Phiffer and Chris Lackey that focuses on discussing everything HP Lovecraft. its highly entertaining, great fun, and professionaly produced - highly recommended - i listen to it literally all the time while painting  :)